Snowden: justified in his actions

By Elise Pattison

What Edward Snowden did was good for the country. What he leaked was vital information that the public deserved to know.

If what the government is doing is unconstitutional, then Snowden was surely right to let the people know.

One thing I have learned during Journalism 101 is that government records should be public. I believe that the government shouldn’t be allowed to get so big that the citizens lose control over it.

I think that there is enough proof that this information is important for Americans to know and object to it to allow Snowden to walk freely. His will for the government to stay within its bounds and for the people to know what they have the right to know should excuse him from the consequences of ‘espionage.’

Snowden’s intentions were not to threaten national security but to inform the people, so in my opinion, he is making history by risking his life for the truth.

Many are accusing Snowden of leaking the information in order to gain media attention, as well as hiding out in different countries to gain fame. I believe that he didn’t foresee the media attention and he assumed the media would find what he leaked to be much more important.

The media is wrong for putting so much focus on the leaker instead of on the leaked material. The media needs to flush out what the government is trying to do, which ironically for Snowden is in fact espionage on its own people and others.

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