Last Writing Assignment

The U.S. government spying on its own country has always been a recurring issue. Cartoonists and journalists have won Pulitzer awards for dramatizing this problem. The fact that Edward Snowden has proved that the American government has been spying on citizens does not surprise me. It is true that people should have the right to privacy and knowing that your own government is spying on your very emails and conversations, can sure make us all a little schizophrenic.

Regardless of the privacy invasion, we should take in mind that we constantly assume that it is the government’s job to protect us from criminal attacks or whatever other form of negative action. Having said this, in what ways can the government achieve this?

If we could imagine, for a few seconds, that America is just a big soiree party and that most citizens are happily asleep in their sleep bags, knowing that someone is on guard in case anything wrong happens.

Isn’t it the guard’s job to walk around the sleeping Americans to know what they are up to? And to make sure that no one is trying to pull the typical “hand-in-warm-water” joke on someone? Some might say that this guard shouldn’t be walking around seeing people sleep because, let’s face it, it’s pretty creepy! But how else are these people going to sleep peacefully and enjoy their party?

We can’t have it all. The moment we give the power to the government to look after us, we automatically sign an imaginary contract where we exchange part of our privacy for protection.

I don’t know what drove Edward Snowden to leak this ultra secret information but I know that he shouldn’t have fled the country because that just makes him look like a coward…even if he might not be one.

He should have stayed in the country because after all, if he did this to help America, then he shouldn’t fear that America would turn against him. The moment he fled, he basically pleaded himself guilty and regretted his decision of leaking the information.

I think Snowden thought he was going to be considered a hero, maybe even win some kind of award for reporting the truth. Nevertheless, I don’t think what the government is doing is right because it certainty has the opposite desired effect: we don’t feel safe.

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