Charity Scam Review

Charity Scam Review

Written by Joe Lteif

In the required clip to watch, a charity was targeted of being very misleading to the public and to the people who trust and donate to it. We live in a world where people are driven by money. Often times, people go to great lengths to get money and move up in the socio economic status ladder, whether the money its in an honest way or not.

It is very unfortunate to see a charity that prides itself on helping the patients of cancer use fake facts and figures for personal gain. Three main subjects were the target of this investigation. They were James Reynolds Sr, James Reynolds Jr. and Rose Perkins. These subjects were the owners of Caner fund of America, Brest Cancer fund, and Children’s Cancer Fund.

When the CNN reporter when to address the issues at hand, it was not surprising at all when they were avoided. For James Reynolds to drive away, flicking off the reporter, showed the immature personality he has. The female that was interviewed who was standing outside Rose Perkins office really did not make any sense. She was trying to not get involved but still tried to make comments, which she thought were slick, but ended up sounding very dumb. And as far as “being too busy to comment” or “the board not speaking to media”, all excuses were just a defense mechanism to avoid being put out on the spot.

The use of public records was a very useful tool used by the reporter. The facts and figures gathered from the tax records and salary earnings really solidified the allegation of these charities being a hoax. Showing out of thousands and millions of dollars earned in cash, the charities only ended up sending 2% to places of need.

Where did the rest go?

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