Video Response

I never thought that people running charities could be so heartless. They say they’re going to help people with cancer and I’m pretty sure they get to see little kids with cancer and they don’t care. I wouldn’t be able to look at pictures of bald children on my company’s website and then keep on stealing money from them. For how long have they been getting away with this? I don’t know how they can live knowing that they are not only liars but also robbers. Shame on their whole family.

I wish I could congratulate the reporter on such an awesome story. He and his partner were very brave in trying to stop this inhumane people. They also used resources we’ve learned in class like public records. I’m pretty sure their story is going to win some kind of award. I really wish the CEO of the “charity” is getting interviewed just to see what type of ridiculous lies he would say.

This might be a pretty dumb question but they are going to jail, right? I wish tax records were public everywhere in the world because they could prove how much money a person is stealing. If we had public records in Mexico we would finally put an end to corrupt politicians because in case you didn’t know, politicians in Mexico steal millions and millions of dollars each term they “work”.

It makes me very sad and furious every time a new president or governor is elected because all they do is steal money from our taxes, not just money we give away in charities, they steal from the money we work for and then spend it on their families and nobody does anything for Mexico.

If public records were available in my country, we could finally prove that politicians don’t seek for the good of the country; they just seek for a shortcut to get richer. I’m very glad these reporters found the real story behind these charities and now America knows the truth because journalism is about finding the truth and communicating it to the world.

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