5 Sources to Use as Stories

Go on the sheriff’s office website to check demographics of offender, crime trends and other components for a certain “random” day.  See what people are arrested for the most, note repeat offenders and the demographic group of the arrestees.

Go onto zillow   and check for increase or decrease in the pricing of homes in a certain area and compare it to previous years.

Go onto the University of Tampa security site to make a story on how safe or unsafe the campus of University of Tampa is.

Go onto the Hillsborough County civil services  website to make a story on the highest and lowest paying jobs in the county of Hillsborough. It would be a good tool to use after a story is made to disperse to college students so they have ideas of jobs they might want to look into.

Visiting the Appraisal for Hillsborough county and  making a story on the most expensive places to live and pieces of property for those who are trying to invest in land and houses.

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