Where You Get Your News Matters

Sharifa Al-Ghanim, from Kuwait, is majoring in marketing and she doesn’t read the newspaper. Instead, she gets her news online. Sharifa is 20 years old and unlike the average person under 25, she doesn’t spend 45 minutes getting her news. I asked her how much time she spends daily watching or listening to the news and she said, “probably 2 minutes. Basically going up the elevator and going down.” She gets most of her news from the TV screens around Skypoint, the apartment building she lives in.

Her main sources are, “online newspapers, Yahoo and Google.” She is part of the 49% of the population who get their news online. The sections she is most interested in are technology, sports and “about Kuwait national news.” She said she usually uses her cellphone to get the news and this makes Sharifa part of the 39% of the people who use digital devices.

When asked where is the easiest place to get her news she answered, “Twitter and Instagram,” proving that social networking sites have indeed replaced search engines. She doesn’t have any “news apps”. I asked her if she follows what is currently happening in the US and she said, “Not really but I know what’s happening internationally, like in Turkery.” Sharifa feels like she follows the news more when she is at home because, “back at home everyone is always watching the news in the living room.” My last question to Sharifa was if she likes to read the news and she said, “Only when they’re interesting.”

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