Crystal Artreche: Keeping sight of what’s important and true

By Elise Pattison

Crystal Artreche is a junior at UT. She “tries for weekly” to partake in the news, and finds it on TV and on the Internet. This corresponds to the statistic in the Pew Research Center’s In Changing News Landscape… that 46% of people find news online 3 days a week or more. However, the study lists the weather as the “most popular news topic,” while Crystal’s news topic of choice is international news.

The channels Crystal pays attention to are CNN and NBC. When asked how she determines which sources to trust, she responded that she trusts “ones that are less opinion-based and seem well rounded in the information given for every side.”

She believes that news stories are chosen by which seem “the most juicy, that will get the most views, scariest or most alarming ones, and local [news].”

An important current news story that interests Crystal is “the situation in Korea.”

When asked when the last time she picked up a newspaper was, she responded, “A long time ago,” and she affirmed that she believed that newspapers will be replaced by Internet news.

When asked if she believed people value the news enough, she said, “I think that people just get distracted by other icons that aren’t important, and lose sight of what is happening out of their ‘circle.’”

Crystal believes we can keep stations honest by “sticking to the facts and not opinions” about news stories.

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