Meet Alexandra Flaherty

By Thierry Peters

Alexandra Flaherty, 21, is a student at the University of Tampa.  Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, she still maintains connections with home, especially with her dog Chuey, though most of her friends here in Tampa are from Long Island, New York.  Through her diverse interests in the music world, Alexandra decided to pursue an Art major, with a concentration in photography; she appreciates music and its relationship with art and writing.

Alexandra looks forward to working for a magazine company in the future, combining some of her photography, artistic, and writing skills, and her interest in music festivals and bands.  Her taste in music is varied; electronic, rap, and alternative rock are only a few of her favorite genres of music.  She also puts emphasis on the importance of music festivals and events, such as Bonnaroo, a multi-day event with genres as diverse as Jam Bands and Reggae, Ultra Music Festival, and AURA Music Festival.

In order to reach her ultimate goal in the professional world, Alexandra has acquired an internship at a local Tampa street photography magazine, incorporating her interests in art and photography.  Eventually, she wants to embark on an adventure across the country, ultimately ending up in California, where she plans to live.  Her dreams of working for a magazine company in sunny California appear within reach and the path she has taken at the University of Tampa has so far allowed her to practice and master skills important to her.  She feels that interesting challenges still lie ahead on the long road to California.

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