Lauren Profile

By Abeer Abdulhade

Quiet, shy and indecisive all describe Lauren, a 22-year-old liberal arts student at the University of Tampa. Nonetheless, a 20-minute interview with her revealed otherwise.

Lauren, a smart, young woman moved to the Tampa Bay area 15 years ago while growing up in a military family. That exposure to different cultures enhanced her knowledge and expanded her awareness of her surroundings. This has led her to be worldly and insightful individual.

Lauren considers herself to be antisocial and barely involved in her community. On the contrary, she is involved in the political landscape as an informed voter. Lauren not only casted her vote during the recent presidential election, but she was well informed and educated on the key issues that defined this election.

Spending time with her two sisters is the highlight of her day.  She enjoys drinking hot tea and regularly reads USA Today and the New York Times in its traditional paper print form. When asked why she wouldn’t read them online, Lauren responded: “I prefer to have the paper on hand”.

Lauren considers television and social media to be a waste of time that she’d rather put to use in a accomplishing her goal. Lauren is a very driven individual. As a second grade student, Lauren read over 200 books in a year. Her goal is to do the same again. She is tracking the number of books she reads every year, though she is getting close to meeting her goal this year, Lauren doesn’t believe she will be able to do so due to the fact that she is focusing on graduating this December.

Lauren’s parents played a major role in her life as they encouraged her at early edge to read whatever she can get her hands. Something she learned to adore and worship.

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