Positive Energy at Creative Loafing

After publishing their print edition on Thursday, the Creative Loafing offices were quiet and laid back as I walked in late Friday afternoon. Before speaking with David Warner, the Editor in Chief at CL, I took a brief moment to look around to see where the magic all happens. I soon would know exactly why the paper is called Creative Loafing. Every stereotype I had in my mind about newspaper offices were shattered. Some staff members lounged on couches listening to music while working on articles, while others worked at their individual desks getting prepared for next weeks’ paper. There was even a stage for entertainment such as music, poetry reading, you name it. I could hear the energy that lingered from the previous weekend in which the CL office held an open mic night for employees.

Upon meeting David Warner, his generosity and welcomeness made me feel right at home. You could tell immediately that he loved his job, and the same could be said for every staff member I met thereafter. Beginning with CL in 2004, he says he is very pleased with the way the print and online editions have evolved and is thrilled that people continue to take joy in reading their works. While I did not have the opportunity to look at a specific article someone was working on, I did get a chance to meet a few employees in the sales and production department. 

I was fortunate enough to speak with the Sales and Production Coordinator, Kelly Moroni, who gathers all of the advertising for each issue and decides where and how they will fit within the paper. Her enthusiasm for her job was apparent as she spoke for a great deal of time about how she got into her position and how grateful she was to be there. She mentioned she waited for her position for 2 years to open before she finally got a chance to work at the CL office in Tampa, and since then she says she could not be happier. She loves the people she works with, loves the atmosphere of her workspace, and hopes to stay with CL for many years to come. I had no question as to why she loved where she worked so much. The style and format of every issue I got a chance to look at resonated creativity, positive energy, and simply “fun news” to read. 

The positive energy was with me everywhere I went in the CL office. As we were leaving the employees were all gathering in the kitchen “lounge” area. I could see a bottle of tequila out with ingredients for tacos spread all over the counter. I asked what the occasion was and they said, “We’re going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way.” I can only hope that one day I love my job as much as the Creative Loafing employees I had the pleasure of meeting do. 


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