Day at Creative Loafing

Creative loafing company began in the 1970’s and began to branch out in Tampa in the 1980’s. David Warner is the Editor in Chief and began touring us around the office to be introduced to staff members, in which there are about 22 not including free lance. Creative Loafing is located about the Spaghetti Warehouse in Ybor city, which most people say is the heart of Tampa. I was not able to follow a specific journalist but I was able to get a little bit of information from the staff that was there on Friday afternoon.

David was generously nice and gave warm welcomes to students who had a passion for journalism for shadowing or even just visiting. One of the staff members that he introduced us to was a woman named Kelly Moroni, she is the sales and production coordinator. She does the sales and works with the layout of the print paper and where the advertisements are going to be located within the paper. The print edition is put out every Thursday. Once she gets the layout all settled and which ads and where the ads will be located she sends it off to the computer on Wednesday. Online blogging consists of a daily routine there, outside of their print edition being every Thursday.

. There were boards posted up in the front of the loft with articles and history pasted on to the boards about how they became what they are today. Some of them I found very humorous. Creative Loafing is owned by a company located in Nashville. They have festivals to celebrate their anniversaries over the years. When walking in the loft, there is a staged area with chairs, as if they hold entertainment. Yes, it is a public event space where companies can rent and use to entertain or anything. It was pretty cool, thinking about the opportunities available to this location.

After meeting the people at Creative Loafing, they all seem very nice and you could tell they were incredibly happy being in the place that they were. Most of the staff seemed pretty interested in that field of career and didn’t seem to have a problem even working in a different department rather than editorials. It was nice to visit Creative Loafing and I would definitely go back. This visit gave me a glimpse of what it would be like within a journalist system.

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