Music Journalism Interview with Jay Cridlin

The active life of a reporter can seem like a daunting task. Without true passion for writing it would be a waste of time. Jay Cridlin, music staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times,  enjoys the busy schedule with juggling three to four projects at once. He writes about bands ranging from rock to dubstep, while getting to enjoy the shows. I went to the Tampa Times building hopefully looking to show up and interview him, but sadly he works at the St.Pete office

. I had a chance to speak with Jay over the phone and ask him a few questions about his music journalism career. I wanted to find out specifically about how he conducted his interviews with artists. I set out to gain some insight from Cridlin after reading his recent piece about the local Dubstep artist, NERD RAGE.  

The electronic dance music or EDM movement has grown at an exponential rate the past few years. Not knowing what sort of music Cridlin liked he said that doing music interviews with any genre requires research. Prior knowledge to conduct a unique and personal interview is the key to having artists reveal what it takes to create an article about them.

Keeping up to date on music and new bands is really difficult to do if you don’t listen to that genre ordinarily. But Jay is a frequent researcher of music sites blogs twitter and anywhere and everywhere people are talking about music.

The most intriguing part for me was when he said he was able to go to all of the shows. I was unaware that the interviews for the pieces he was doing took place far in advance of the show. Crindlin tries to make each interview in a way that makes it seem more like a conversation. He watches previous interviews and makes himself fully aware of the artists personality. To get the interviews he contacts managers or public relations people involved with working with the artists. I found that Cridlin loves his job, he seemed excited to get to tell me about his career and how he operates on a daily basis.

 It was very informative talking to someone who wanted to tell me about his job. An insightful man even though I did not get a chance to meet him yet as we arranged to meet next week at the Rock the Park festival.

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