Day in the life of NFL Live Host, Trey Wingo

I had a very difficult time trying to get in contact with a journalist in the city of Tampa, and then I remembered that my father works for ESPN back home in Bristol, CT. So I contacted him to see if he could ask one of the anchors he works with to email me to help me with this assignment. To my advantage, Trey Wingo, the host of NFL Live, was kind enough to contact me. After working with each other’s schedules, we managed to Skype each other when he had spare time away from work. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Mr. Wingo over winter break when I went into work with my dad, which allowed me to meet him and watch him do a live show from the set. I learned a lot from him just by observing him host a live show.

During our Skype session, I asked him a few questions ranging from what a typical day is for him from the time he walks in to the time he walks out, what exactly he is responsible for doing as a broadcast journalist, and what he enjoyed most about being the host for a TV show on ESPN.  First off, Trey told me not to address him as “Mr. Wingo” because that was his father and then he laughed when I asked my last question. His response to that was “having the luxury of being able to meet and talk to so many NFL superstars is pretty freakin’ awesome and you also can’t beat working with Jerry Rice”, (which I have to agree is very neat).

Trey then went on to tell me that the first thing he does when he arrives to work is check his email so he can view the script that the producer and director, (which is my dad’s position), put together so he can start putting together his material. That is really the only thing he is responsible for doing, along with making sure he’s on time for his show. He said that usually takes him until 1:30-2:00, and then he goes to lunch. He’s usually done with lunch around 2:30 because he said “you never know when the producer or your dad are gonna give you a call to do some pre-taping segments for the show, so you definitely want to be around for that”. Around 3:15 he goes and gets his suit on and gets his make-up put on which he said can take up to “twenty to twenty-five minutes” because of all the lighting they have on the set. He arrives in studio whenever he’s done in the make-up studio and waits for his co-hosts and starts the show live at 4:00 p.m. EST and that runs for an hour. After his show, he does a few post-show notes and then he’s free to go home. After hearing all of this and getting to witness a show makes me even more excited to become a sports broadcast journalist.

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