Daniel Wallace, Tampa Bay Times

I spent the day with a photojournalist at the Tampa Bay Times named Daniel Wallace.  Daniel is from Kentucky and has been working with the Times for 12 years.  Daniel is the best at what he does; he finds ways to make his photos come to life and become very intriguing for the viewers.  Daniel and I spent the day at a local farm called Old McMickey’s and I shadowed him as he took photos for a piece that will be running in early may re-introducing Old McMickey’s Farm.  Old McMickey’s Farm is an educational farm and petting zoo that used to be a hit in the Tampa Bay area until it was shut down a while back.  The owner, Ralph Zuckerman, bought the land and decided to re-open the Farm and petting zoo for children of all ages to enjoy.

Daniel and I came in contact through his co-worker Alexandra Zayas who helped me a lot by using her position to find a journalist for me to shadow and finding one who would enjoy having a student by their side for the day.  Daniel embraced the fact that I wanted to see what his day was like as well as what his job title inquired and I am grateful that he took time out of his busy schedule to allow me to build upon my knowledge of journalism.

Daniel’s job is to take photos of whichever event he has been assigned to as well as to beat out all other photographers at that event to make sure his photos are the ones being published.  Daniel said, “You can’t shoot ‘A’ photo of somebody, you have to shoot ‘THE’ photo of somebody”.  Daniel is highly experienced in his field and mainly covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as helping out co-workers with the other major sports teams in the Tampa  Bay Area.  As a photojournalist Daniel said that you have to be aware of what’s happening, or even where it’s going to happen and be prepared for it.  Daniel first became interested in photography when his grandfather placed a camera in his hands and taught him how to use it.

Daniel takes pride in his photos and spending the day with him truly reassured my love for journalism.  When I asked Daniel if he liked his job he said, “There are very few careers that give you such a broad view of the world.  It has its set backs but so does any other job”.  I found that comment to be very impactful because journalism does give you an extremely broad view of the world and it allows you to experience so many things.

Per my own interest I asked Daniel if he had ever thought he’d be working in the position he is currently working in today.  Daniel said, “I guess I never really thought about how it would pan out.  I just worked as hard as I possibly could and in the beginning I just wanted to get a job”.  Daniel brought my excitement to a new level as I dream of becoming a successful journalist one day.  It is always nice to see a humble man who has success in his field and is doing it for the right reasons, because he loves it.


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