Scotty Davis by Nicole Thompson

“You have to know you want to do this. You have to really want it.” After contacting radio station 93.3 FLZ multiple times, I finally was given the opportunity to shadow radio DJ/afternoon show host Scotty Davis. Going into this assignment, I had no expectations. I wasn’t even sure what a radio DJ did. But Scotty proved to be a great source of information adding, “Just to be yourself. If people like you then awesome, if they don’t then forget them.” He gave me the amazing advice that you should not change or lose who you are for the job and that people will like you for who you are. I learned a so much on this shadow opportunity and am so grateful to have been exposed to this incredible career path now.

First, I was led into a room that had technology components everywhere and a captivatingly outgoing guy introduced himself as Scotty Davis.  I hadn’t intended to be there long. However because Scotty had so much life, personality, and knowledge to offer, I became intrigued by the atmosphere of the workplace and the job I stayed longer than expected to learn as much as I could.

Scotty’s job is basically to do everything needed to fill his air space. It’s completely up to him what goes on during his show. He finds information for topics usually on because of the speediness it provides. In addition, he showed me a website that most radio personnel use called Prep Services. He logs into that regularly to find new stories that would interest the listeners. Due to the hastiness of the job, he never second guesses his choices or thinks about them afterwards. He goes through the list of fun new stories and decides within seconds of reading them whether it’s newsworthy or important enough to say on the air. The job requires him to be able to come up with what to say on air on the spot. The show isn’t live; it has a 20 second delay, but it doesn’t take away from the the fact he comes up with what to say two seconds before he says it. He knows he has one chance to deliver it right, fortunately enough for him he is an expert and it comes naturally and easily.

Not only does he do his own show, Scotty also records for other people and edits them for air. He is a radio host from 4pm-7pm, but usually is in the office working away around 1pm. I was at the station, located in the Clear Channel Broadcasting studios, for a few hours and noticed that many coworkers came in and asked for his expertise on their pieces.

Scotty Davis didn’t just magically wake up recently and want to be in this occupation, he has been working at it since he was 16 years old. He has never considered another career path. He was 15 when he made his first demo and gave it to a local radio station. Once he turned 16, he was hired part time. From that point on it was history.

This line of work has given him some unique experiences that no one else can say they have had. He has met so many people considered worth meeting, but to him they are just regular people. He has never been star struck by the celebrities he meets, he just enjoys being able to talk and get to know each one individually. Afterall, how many people can say they’ve interviewed The Beastie Boys, Yoko Ono, Kanye West, Michael Buble, Ed Sheeran, The Rock, and Will Ferrell, just to name a few? He gets to see so many incredible concerts and artists in his line of work too. To him there’s nothing he’d rather be doing. pholto 1photo 1photo k2

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