A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: My Day with a Photo Journalist

When I went home for the weekend last month, I spent the day with photo journalist Ray Stublebine. Ray is my next door neighbor, and his wife Ula works for the associated press. Ray works for Rueters as a contract photographer for various different events such as sports games, and commercial and public relations. Although Ray’s prime area of expertise is the aforementioned events, he also shoots for weddings, so long as the couple wants it done in a ‘journalistic type manner’.

When I spent the day with Ray, he was doing a job at a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. I couldn’t necessarily sit wit him, however seeing the preparation for the game was very interesting. Ray said that even though it seems like a fun job because he gets to go to sports games a lot, he rarely enjoys a game to the fullest because he has to be so focused the whole time on getting a good shot.

Seeing Ray talk to his friends from Rueters and the Associated Press (where he used to work), I see that the job is more social than one would think. He says that often times the same photographers go to the same events, thus starting new friendships.

Ray says that although a lot of stuff is done at work, he could easily finish up his own personal jobs and projects at home. Along with being a photo journalist, Ray has written a book titled Stickley’s Craftsman Homes, which was published in 2006, which has pictures of all known house designs. This is another passion of Ray’s, and other way for him to express himself through what he loves; photography.

Personally, I think what Ray does is very exciting. To be able to take part in the action of a baseball of hockey game is something I find very interesting. Ray has also gotten the opportunity to cover three different Olympics in Barcelona, Atlanta, and Athens. This makes me see that even though he may not be writing the news, he without a doubt showing it to the world. You know what they saying is; a picture is worth a thousand words.



This is a picture I took at the game, and below is a picture Ray took that made it onto Yahoo News



by Ali Pfleging

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