Life of a Journalist

Angela Holan is a Pulitizer Prize winner for “Politifact” which is a “fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others who speak up in American politics” according to Bill Adeir. Angela works with Bill Adier who helped create politifact.

A normal day for Angela is either going to the Tampa Bay Times bureau in Tampa or their headquarters which is in St. Pete. I was fortunate enough to attend the headquarters. The building I walked into was massive and had huge pictures of front page stories that dated back to 1912. Angela works on the 3rd floor which is the main news room. On Monday’s “I work with Bay News 9 to report two minute segments on Politifact” Angela mentioned. She shares the new facts that have been addressed during the week.

Angela works mostly with politifact. She is a top editor who oversees assignments to reporters, helps them with any questions, and then edits their work. ” I am always multitasking” angela said as she was working on editing a story and about to make a conference call.

I was lucky enough to help Angela on editing her story. I was able to write down comments and mark off things that I didnt feel were necessary in the story. After, Angela and I talked over what we both agreed should be in the story and what should be taken out. I also was able to add my input about the ruling of the fact that was being addressed and provided some insight from a outside perspective.

Some of the stories Angela was working on was Beyonce and Jay-z in Cuba; this consisted of providing people with objective reason about why officials are upset with them because of rules and regulations, and legal/Illegal immigrants decreasing the minimum wage.

In a conference call Angela was on I noticed that her and the other person on the phone were bouncing ideas of each other with questions like ” Whether the fact stated suggested legal or illegal immigrants”, ” is it more people in general that are bringing down the wages or if we did legalize the immigrants would they bring down the wages”, “Is this statement considered a fact check or a story material”. These questions made me realize how much effort time and thinking needs to go into creating good journalism.

Angela enjoys working for The Tampa Bay Times and the atmosphere where she works. During my visit I was able to notice the atmosphere where she worked. The floor was having a lunch buffet with hotdogs, fruit, and sodas to acknowledge the first away game for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Being able to work with a Journalist for the day opened my eyes to how much time and commitment is needed to achieve stories and good articles. Although I didn’t have much time, I was able to experience what a typical journalist’s day consists of.SAM_2893

By: Rachel Baranowski


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