Why don’t UT students go to Buccaneers games?

Here, at the University of Tampa, we do not have a football team for us to go out and root for every weekend. We can go right down the road to Dale Mabry and watch either USF or the Bucs play. However, not many people think to go watch a NFL game at Raymond James Stadium. Is it the cost, or is it the fact that there aren’t enough big name players on the roster?  You can get tickets for 35 dollars as long as you don’t mind sitting in the upper deck of the stadium. Even if sitting in those seats were the case, I would still put up with those seats if it meant being able to watch a professional football game. I know a lot of football fans would probably agree with me on this, so the cost can’t be too big of a reason. I think the main reason why students here at UT don’t take advantage of having the privilege of having a professional team ten minutes away. I believe the main reason is there aren’t enough big name players on the roster for fans to enjoy watching.

Only a few players on this team are worth seeing, and they are quarterback Josh Freeman, running back Doug Martin, and wide receiver Vincent Jackson. After these select players, the Bucs roster isn’t that notable, which usually means they aren’t the greatest players to watch. If there isn’t a good show on a certain channel, you wouldn’t waste your time watching that show right? Same concept can be applied here because as a sports fan, you’re not going to waste money watching a team that you’re not going to care about. If this team did go and get more superstar players, would that make it more worth your time to go watch? My answer would be yes. If  there is a plethora of talent on your team, it is more likely that some outstanding plays are going to be made, making watching the games that more enjoyable.

Currently, the Bucs are working out a trade that would bring superstar corner back Darrelle Revis and possibly quarter back Mark Sanchez (both of the New York Jets) to the Tampa Bay area. Both these players are well known throughout the country, and I think even bringing one of these players down would mark an increase in ticket purchases. Also, since all of the players named here are relatively young and just began their careers, they’re more known by our generation, which I would think would result in more UT students going to Buccaneer games.

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