Nicole’s Column

Most women today adore watching television shows and reading a good book. However this may mean unrealistic expectations of guys. Once I get into a book or television series I most likely fall in love with one of the characters. It at times has become so abrasive that I become disconnected from the guy I’m seeing at the time.

Other attachments people get are to celebrities. They follow them; buy their posters, dolls, CDs, DVDs, and other merchandise. They spend hours online YouTubing videos and looking up news. Women develop a hatred for the girlfriends of the guys they idolize. In some instances it engulfs girls’ lives.

The book characters like those in any Nicholas Sparks’ book shape the ideal man; a caring, loving, die for kind of guy. Unfortunately for America they don’t really exist or far and few between.

The search for guys, that look like Chace Crawford and have the personality of Noah from the Notebook, drive girls absolutely crazy. So ultimately what’s the long lasting effect of this?

Do relationships end and initial attraction fade for real life boyfriends and beyond because of the lust and obsession over guys who are not even remotely attainable?

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