Why Can’t US Government Work Together Anymore?

Why Can’t the US Government Work Together Anymore?

By Alex Medvedev

Politics is definitely a competitive field and very harsh. Lately, no one seems to be getting along and it’s very hard to have faith in our leaders to fix the problems, particularly the national debt. It keeps going up by billions in hours. I think the government should at least make monthly payments and have an amendment to the Constitution to balance the budget. If our founding fathers were alive today, they’d be appalled at the lack of responsibility in Congress and the White House. I do expect some screw-ups every now and then because after all, nothing’s perfect. However, there are limits to the mistakes a government should make.

I thought about entering politics because I had faith in our leaders to do their job without conflict or at least minimum conflict. I’ve since changed my mind because, in part, due to the behavior of our congressmen towards something as simple to control as the debt. I believe that people need to take responsibility for their actions and the best way without causing too much conflict is to just make a payment.

Everyone can agree that the debt needs to be paid off and I don’t suggest the whole thing or half but at least something to put a dent in it. Unfortunately, the problem is bigger than that because we are still accumulating so much debt from other countries and even though it’s necessary, I think they should do something.

It seems that whenever Congress meets to discuss legislation they are encouraging the American people only to let them down by using politically correct terminology to avoid any real truth of what’s going on. They simply are just playing a game of covering their tracks and getting paid to do it. Politicians need to start working together to pass legislation that’s going to make history instead of procrastinating. People need to see that tax dollars are working and doing our society good not just be verbally assured in speeches on television.

In conclusion, nobody should be disappointed or ashamed to admit that we are over our heads in debt, especially when it was the wrongdoing of previous generations. It’s our kids and their kids that will have to find a way to resolve the debt and too many people aren’t thinking of a long-term solution. Apparently the only way to put a dent in the debt or pass any legislation is by doing nothing and letting the expiration date for renewal ride.


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