We are not to blame

While sitting in a presentation given by a 50 something Professor on narcissism. Listening to him rant about how the Millennial generation is obnoxious, narcissistic, and lazy. I could not help but feel the sparks of fire ignite underneath my skin. I couldn’t help but get defensive. It’s like that old school yard defense “I can talk about my mama but you can’t”. Of course, according to him I should probably not care about a word that anyone has to say about me. Because that is what we millennials do. Yes, we are by far the most unproductive, self absorbed, entitled generation that this country has seen. Excluding all of the rich entitled children. In fact I totally and completely agree with 99.9% of what he said. So, that isn’t really what gets under my skin. few adults that were in that room were complaining about a monster that they created. It seemed pretty convenient for the Professors to inflate a failing students grade when they realized that their job depended on student evaluation. Earlier this week there was a school Board in Georgia that came to a consensus that they would change all of their students standardized test results in order to receive their bonus for meeting adequate yearly progress. So if we are going to try and analyze this and find out what the Millennial generations “problem” is; the people to blame are them. Yes, them the parents of the millennial generation. Children are not born entitled, lazy, or dumb. It is all dependent upon their environment and what they are taught. The people who are complaining about the current genera being celebrity obsessed are the ones that created reality t.v. and tabloids. Unfortunately they are finally seeing the bi-products of their selfish and greedy endeavors. And quite frankly it’s ugly. It is a concoction that took personal and moral violation. Those times you knew that the child should not have gotten an A on that paper because they didn’t know how to write a complete sentence, or the time you gave your child that toy that they did not deserve in hopes of having some sort of life event teach them what you as parents should have taught us. All of these small dismissals added up over the course of thirty years ends up to be a lot. But some how now it is important to you when you have to look the hideous beast you created in the face. It is not something that can be fixed, taken care of and then wipe your hands clean of. These are your children and the next generation.

So, with that thank you for collectively f***ing us over.

By: Daina Stanley

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