UT Ignores Students’ Safety

Sometimes I cannot help but feel that UT could care less if I toppled over and died. I like to think -or at least hope- that I am exaggerating. They have managed to fool me again and again with empty promises for my safety, health, and well being. Their so-called “guarantees” persuaded my decision on applying here and only here during my fall semester of senior year in high school. If I could go back in time, a part of me wants to throw out the UT brochure from my mailbox before it ever had a chance to fall into my hands. Maybe I sound a bit harsh, but please let me present a recent example regarding the measures UT takes with student safety.

Once you are off campus, UT treats you like its ugly, unwanted child. One of my girl friends and I had ventured to Channelside during daylight hours to enjoy a great game of arena football. When we exited the stadium, it was nighttime and the walk back to campus consisting of passing eerie parking garages and walking under shadowy bridges no longer seemed appealing.

Luckily, during my campus tour of UT last fall, the guide said they give transportation back to campus to students within a 5-mile radius of UT. Perfect! I called up Campus Safety and explained the situation that we had no cash on us for a taxi, had not been drinking, and felt nervous about walking back by ourselves on foot. The girl on the other line had no problem telling me that I would not be offered any shuttle services to bring me back to campus. We, the ugly, unwanted children, had officially been disowned.

Oh, that’s cool, I thought to myself. I want to be robbed, gang-raped, beaten, and killed. I would say that I am jumping to conclusions, but I actually watch the news. I wonder if they would have rewarded us with a shuttle if one of us had been too drunk to walk? We did the only thing we could do: take off into the darkness to fend for ourselves.

Later that night, my mother decided to call UT and give them “a piece of [her] mind.” Turns out, UT no longer offers off-campus transportation anymore and made sure to remove it from this year’s brochure. I never received an e-mail announcing this change that was in effect during my first semester. I guess they had to keep it hush-hush from me while I was still a potential applicant.

Now that you won me over UT, I can see that our relationship is only money-based. My love-hate for you shall be eternal. You can try your hardest to push me off from the minarets, but I am determined to take you with me. Although the children are considered the ignorant and the naïve of the household, we are still a family, and I am determined to teach you virtue.

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