The Budgeting Disaster

Since I first attended to the University of Tampa in August of 2010, the school has become noticeably larger.  Not only is population on the rise but buildings are being knocked down and replaced by state of the art facilities.  Normally these changes would be looked at as positive steps towards making this school the best it can be.  But students are starting to talk, and they’re not happy.

“Who could possibly come up with deciding to build a religious center (that gets no use), and a brand new dorm before creating more parking on campus,” said Logan Ross a junior sports management student.  There are currently two parking garages for students on campus and they are filling up fast.  During the school week the garages have been reported to be completely filled and students are forced to park their cars illegally in designated teacher parking or off campus on the side streets off of Kennedy.

The President of the University has been taking heat from students that believe they should have a word in how their tuition is being spent.  Recently the University has cut funding towards the security escort program and is no longer picking up students to bring them back to campus safely.  Every weekend I receive safety alert emails telling me about the most recent attacks on students walking back to campus.  By the looks of the budget, apparently the University thinks that the lacrosse field is more important than the safety of the student body.

This is a private University, and the students that go here pay a lot of money to have basic rights and abilities.  The fact that our school is growing at an incredible rate is fantastic.  However, the safety of the student body should always be the first and most important concern.

So where do we go from here?  Some students believe that we must put more pressure on the student government so they can make the changes that we want to see.  However, I think that we must bring this straight to President Vaughn.  We must bring these issues to his attention before any more decisions can be made.

Until then we have to come together as a student body and watch our backs, because we know the administration won’t.

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