Students Always On The Move Need Safety

The UT campus may seem like a small area of development, however, with it being small means that students on the move will be culminating at similar parts of the campus.  Whether it be by foot, bicycle or longboard, students are continuously on the move.

A very common area of student movement occurs on North B Street right in between the side of Vaughn Center and the front of the Sykes Business Building.  On that stretch of narrow cobblestone road lye no crosswalk or any speed bumps whatsoever.  Some stop signs are present, but that doesn’t stop the confusion.  Of course, students always have the right of way, but on that stretch of road students cross at various points.

It’s always a split decision whether to let the car go first or go in front of the car.  If there were designated areas of crossing, this would organize student movement in a simpler fashion with increased safety.  Even the addition of speed bumps would coerce drivers to slow down which would prevent potential injuries.

To my knowledge there hasn’t been a serious incident on North B Street yet, but it is certainly an accident waiting to happen.  Yes speed bumps are annoying and it’s always a hassle for drivers to wait patiently while a slew of students cross a crosswalk, but that is a small price to pay when compared to the amount of money that would be needed to fight a lawsuit.

By: Robert A. Serio

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