Student athletes leaving school early

Narlens Noel, Marcus Smart, Ben McLemore, and Shabbazz Muhammad all have something in common. What do they have in common, you may ask. Well the answer is that they are all college freshman who are leaving school early to enter this years NBA draft. 

The NCAA needs to establish a rule that prohibits student athletes to leave school after just one year. In college football, students are required to stay in school at least three years before declaring to enter the draft. However, in college basketball students just need one year of college. I believe that student athletes should stay for the full four years and graduate, but staying three years is definitely better than just one. Why does the NCAA have different rules for football and basketball? 

Leaving school after just one year is just not smart. There are more important things in life than just sports. Getting a good education is important and staying in school secures the future of an athlete. Year in and year out you see a vast majority of student athletes go pro way before they are ready. College is supposed to be the best years of a persons life and also help someone learn, mature, and grow as a person. 

The word student athlete is pretty self explanatory. You are a student first and then you are an athlete. These players should be going to school first and getting an education before a draft pick. Leaving school after just a single year to go play sports professionally is something that the NCAA needs to change. 

By: Adam Weiner 


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