Stay Classy not Trashy

Victoria’s Secret “Pink” store is very popular among young teens. When you walk into the store their collection consists of bras, underwear, clothes, and accessories. Specifically focusing on their underwear collection the saying that young girls (ranging from ages 12-16) have on their crotch have the words “unwrap me” which was for their holiday collection or “call me”. These saying are very risqué and when Victoria’s Secrets’ market is aimed at young women these types of saying are just down right inappropriate.

Victoria’s Secret campaign for 2013 is called “Bright Young Things” their target is for young women, and instead of embracing young women and their attributes; Victoria’s Secret creates sayings that come off as trashy and demoralizing to young women.

The emphasis on being sexual at such a young age needs to come to a halt. Young women shouldn’t feel the need to wear underwear that says “unwrap me” to feel sexy or confident. Young women should be surrounded by words that increase their confidence and inspire them; not make them feel the need to have risqué’ writing to promote their confidence and their inner classiness.

These young women are the future. if they are demoralized and degraded by fashion trends what other obstacles must they face that could potentially deviate them from pursuing their dream jobs and goals. Although Victoria’s Secrets’ underwear seems harmless; if young women are feeling the need to wear underwear that have such a negative connotation to fit in now, then they may feel in the future that women are supposed to wear things like that to become successful, and that is not the case. 

Perhaps I can make a suggestion for Victoria’s Secret’s campaign for 2014 and that is “Stay Classy” 


By: Rachel Baranowski 

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