No UT Football Team… Are You Kidding?

By Michelle Speaker

For quite some time now I have been questioning why UT does not have a football team. Must be silly of me to ask such a thing, but maybe that is why this university has no school spirit. Just think about it.

I have never heard of a university or college who does not have a football team. That is just absurd. Walking around this campus I hear students speak about this topic as if it is a big deal, which it should be.

The University of Tampa’s students would be psyched to have their football team brought back after 39 years.

The football program was ended in 1975 over financial issues.

Money is the problem? Why of course, when a university does not have the proper financial stability it would like to have it jeopardizes programs that are a big part of a college atmosphere to help out their state to cut costs in order to resolve these issues.

Football teams represent your campus and bring the most school spirit. The stadium has more than enough room for students to come out to support their team because of the bleacher space. In addition to the bleachers, the stadium is located outside so fans can cheer on their team from outside the fence if no room is available on the bleachers, which is hard to imagine.

Prospective students look into what sports the university or college have to offer because it can possibly be a deal breaker on where these students choose to pursue their education. Football players hoping to get scholarships to play at a more advanced level want to see how well the team works together and who their competition is.

Back in the day, UT’s football team sported an all-time regular season record of 191-155-12. From 1933 until 1974, the Spartans had 13 coaches that all made an impact on the team and the record they held.

The records set by the Tampa football team are quite impressive, proving to future generations that the Spartans are able to live up to the past teams records. The team should be given a chance to show the collegiate program what UT is capable of by bringing back the football team that has been long overdue.

Although the football team’s existence was short-lived, the Spartans did in fact have standout athletes that went on to do outstanding things in professional football after their college career. All in all, 18 Spartans were drafted or started in the NFL, and six Superbowl rings are shared by three different former Spartans.

So, since 1975 why didn’t UT bring back the Spartan football team, you may ask. I would not know, although along with most of the faculty and student body, I say it is about time to have the team back. The wait has been long enough and UT has the resources and the funding to start up the team once again in the fall of 2013. Students would show up to the games and support each other in spirit. The legacy of Spartan pride will be back to campus drawing in thousands of prospective students who would not want to pass up a great place to live and learn.


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