Let’s Keep It Locally Grown

Twilight Market

Twilight Market

I would imagine walking down 15th street in Tampa’s Ybor district feels very much like walking the art district in New York City. Even from two blocks away you can hear the sunset drum circle, as a couple walks briskly to watch the action; the woman’s skirt floating in the air as she clings tightly to her partner.  

Since 2008 The Roosevelt 2.0 hosts what’s called a Twilight Market every Tuesday evening from 5p.m.-10p.m. 

No, this Twilight event has nothing to do with vampires or werewolves (Team Jacob).

 It’s an outdoor/indoor market open to the public, which offers baked goods, live music, and fresh organic and eco-friendly ready to eat options.

 What I found inspiring was that everything onsite was provided by local vendors.

Hey Mon Caribbean Cooking Magic carried several choices for marinades ranging from what he calls a friendly hot (not so friendly if you can’t handle spicy) to a pineapple/orange sweet sauce. ($5 a bottle)

Hey Mon

Hey Mon

Amanda Williams from The Alligator Pear served a mouth watering Korean beef rice bowl with blueberry lemonade (about $8 for the meal) and for dessert Kael’s Cupcake had an assortment of flavors from coffee, lemon zest, banana, and strawberry ($4 for a box).

The funny thing I had never heard about the Twilight Market.

Why is it that in the media we don’t often hear about events that help support our community by creating revenue stating in our own city?

Fresh is always better than packages and processed food when thinking about the carbon footprint we are leaving our youth to inherent. Transporting food from great distances when you can grow what we need here in our own community is a waste of resources.

Tampa is always doing marketing about food trucks, but what about creating a network of local organic farms and marketing that?

Local grower can deliver quality produce to restaurants and supermarkets within a day, where it may take national companies up to a week to ship produce from one part of the country to another. Produce that purchased locally will double and even triple the product shelf life versions another product that was shipped.


As a consumer it matter where the people cooking my food gets there ingredients.

I’m not suggesting that all products can necessarily be grown locally and still be viable economically, but lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs can. With today’s technology, it’s possible and we can make changes in the community to doing it.


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