Lack of Campus recreation

The amazing amount of sunny days in Florida produces a very active environment for student body. The campus recreational facilities are not able to sustain all the active student. Nor do the facilities entice or promote students to find activities to do.  We are able to be outside and be active almost everyday of the school year, unless the occasional hurricane comes through in the early fall semester., and yet we have two regulation size outdoor basketball courts, two short hoops for whoever wants to touch the rim.

How can we fight the freshman fifteen with what we have, or better out, don’t have. Instead of building an awesome rec center, we got an AstroTurf field for our amazing division 2 sports program. Even on the opening ceremony of the new facility, we did not even come close to filling out every seat in the house. Our sports are a lost caused instead focus on the student body who came here for the school and weather and to be active, focus on the majority.

The main field is way to protected and unless its intermural league playing on the field is highly frowned upon. Our gym is crowded small, the one bench press in the gym is not enough to sustained the massive amounts of testosterone flowing through the gym on a daily basis.  And once you cannot find time to go on the bench how about try and ride one  of the two stationary bikes. Oh wait, looks like those are taken as well. The Cass gym is usually closed, the pool is for sunbathing only, and the four tennis courts are well, its tennis so who cares.  Students have very little space to be active, and gather with friends.

At other Universities there are quads, or campus recreation centers outfitted with, volley ball courts, rock climbing walls, indoor pools for swimming and separate ones for catching rays and lounging.

 Penn states campus boasts not just a single rec center, but an entire recreation campus, that can meet virtually every student need.The centerpiece is known as Rec Hall, an old and storied building that contains two full gyms, an adaptive weight room and fitness center, gymnastics practice facilities for the men’s and women’s teams, ten squash courts, and 14 racquetball courts.(

The Marino Center at Northeastern University is one of the largest buildings on campus, and it operates more like a traditional gym than many of the other recreation centers around the country. The gym is next to the food court, but does offer its own cafe and juice bar for healthier fare. Group classes, personal training, and an impressive strength training facility are all to be found here. Also included are classrooms, meditation space, and basketball courts.(

There is no excuse to not be active when we are in the sun and most others are barried in snow, but  here at the University of Tampa there is an excuse, we need more space to be active and figure an active lifestyle routine here in the sunshine state.



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