Are You Kidding Me, Congress?

Dear America,

While California’s Prop. 8 case was in the spotlight last month, Congress decided to pass a bill that is putting each and every one of us in danger. HR 933 Provision, or the “Monsanto Protection Act”, shields large corporations using genetically modified crops (GMO) from supreme court intervention. What this means for you, America, is that the genetically engineered crops that you may consume, which is increasing daily, could pose severe health risks. Even if health threats are identified, biotech companies such as the massive Monsanto will be permitted to continue altering their crops without any intervention.

The Monsanto Protection is nothing but a slap in the face to consumers. While there are those that will continue to live their normal lives and consume whatever is cheapest, there are some of us that remain resilient and will not accept this kind of disrespect from our own government. Who do they really think we are?

Last time I checked America was a democracy. A democracy, from what I have been told, is a system of government that reflects the views of its people. If the American people were in favor of this bill then I would say our government did us justice. That is most certainly not the case. More than 250,000 Americans signed a petition opposing the bill along with countless Food Democracy Now protestors that marched up to the White House pleading for Obama to turn the bill down. What did Obama do? He signed it. I am sorry Mr. Thomas Jefferson, but the democracy you had envisioned for our country is officially broken.

After the bill’s signing, the Center for Food Safety claimed that many members of Congress had no idea what it entailed. Do I need to call up my third grade teacher and give Congress a lesson on how to read carefully? Congress claims the provision was buried deep within a spending bill that would avert a government shutdown. Essentially, Congress skimmed through a bill that could change the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Are you kidding me, Congress?

Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, whom was largely responsible for the bill’s passing, later apologized for passing the bill. While her gestures are sweet, it does not change the fact that Americans will now be ingesting genetically modified, untested, potentially harmful food.

I am ashamed of what our government is becoming. I feel disrespected, confused, and infuriated. You should too, America.


Concerned Citizen

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