Plant Hall Upgrades

A building known as Plant Hall at the University of Tampa, has come to be known as an ancient building. Granted it has the old rustic look that gives it a certain style or what not. Plant Hall, was known to be a hotel in its heyday. Which to me, the rooms would be sort of small… at least for a hotel. But you know, hotels these days have no sense in style.

Even though there is a bit of a style to this four-story building known as Plant Hall, most people would think that renovations would be accommodating or possibly just a natural thing that most people would do to an ancient building, house, apartment…etc. But because this is the University of Tampa, it takes a bit longer for things to get through administration’s heads of course.

With all do respect, it’s getting summer time and usually that means heat, especially in Florida. Normally, doors close up and air conditioning tends to be on around 70 degrees, sometimes the occasional person will drop it lower, it’s the quality that rebels have these days, always breaking the rules. In the winter time, it would be nice to have heaters. But of course, in Plant Hall, whether the weather is hot or cold, the doors always stay wide open.

Now within the air conditioning systems in Plant Hall, during the winter time of this bipolar Florida weather, a whole couple weeks, every time I walked into my classroom in Plant Hall, it smelled as if the entire classroom was burning. Just as if the classroom was burning down. I could personally smell the burning from the stairwell going up to the third floor. Now, thinking about this, having those couple of weeks being cooler weather, it would be nice to have a heater that doesn’t smell like it’s going to blow up in any second. Turning off the heater in the morning when arriving to class, with expectations of a warm classroom, isn’t exactly a great start for class. Then you become freezing and of course there is always that one student who complains about how cold it is as if they could change the situation, but unless that individual knows how to fix an air conditioning unit within the 10 minutes that they have arrived. I doubt it would help anything. This really defeats the purpose in complaining.

In other words, UT really needs to upgrade their air conditioning units in Plant Hall, otherwise UT will become infested with complaining students about how the air conditioning is just as bipolar as Florida’s weather patterns.

By Nicole Rinberger

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