“Continuous Shuttle” from 7am to 11am

The Howard Johnson or famously known as “The Hojo” occupies 5 floors to accommodate UT students temporarily till the new residence hall is completed. Of all the universities I have seen, University of Tampa is one of the universities that has a hotel as one of their housing options. Queen size beds, cleaning services twice a week, and sharing a bathroom with one person are a college kid’s dream hall. It seems great to have all of it but I would give it all up just to live on campus. All for one reason, the shuttle.

Having morning classes is a pain, especially when you have to get up 45 minutes earlier in order to catch the shuttle to go to class. On the schedule it states, “7:00 am-11:00 am Continuous” When you see that sign, you think that the shuttle would be there at any time and you would not have to worry about missing it. I usually leave half an hour early so I could get a quick breakfast and head to class. I stand there waiting thinking it will be there at any second. 20 minutes later, I was still waiting for the shuttle. Having second thoughts about walking to campus it pulls up. My whole schedule to get food and go to class was cut short in me getting off the shuttle and running to make it in time for class.

It is a load of rubbish stating that the shuttle is continuous but it is never there to pick you up. Being a new international student, paying twice the amount of money due to currency, this was not what I was expecting from the university. It is always a frustrating moment just waiting for the shuttle to come and pick us up. From the start of the semester, it was decent. The drivers would be picking up kids continuously and it was not a hassle to worry about it. As the semester went on, I’m starting to think they are getting tired and lazy to shuttle us and decided to go as they please with their pick up times on their continuous rounds.

I love the beds and cleaning services from the Hojo but dealing with the shuttle just to get on campus really turned everything sour. If the school could figure out a better way to improve the shuttle services since they are still having the Hojo as a housing option next semester, it would definitely be great. As much as I hate leaving the benefits which I would not get on campus, I definitely won’t regret leaving the Hojo because I would not have to deal with the shuttle anymore.

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