The Dumbest Generation? Or Just the Laziest?

In his novel “The Dumbest Generation,” Mark Bauerlein addresses what he considers to be an entire population of oblivious, entitled young adults. He blames our lack of motivation and basic intellect on the fact that millenniums were raised with access to the internet and smart technology.

 He says that having constant access to information has kept this generation from actually absorbing information, resulting in us being unable to spell, uninterested in current events, and ignorant of basic information.

Bauerlein believes that the general lack of intelligence among millenniums is not just a result of bad upbringings, but also comes from peer pressure.

In addition to video games, lack of retention, bad parenting and teaching, and the fact that we “don’t read,” Bauerlein says that members of the millennial generation being ridiculed for original thought is one of the reasons we are the dumbest.

He said, “On MySpace, if you write clearly and compose coherent paragraphs with informed observations on history and current events, ‘buddies’ will make fun of you.”  

However, not everyone agrees that bad grammar is a sign of stupidity. UT junior Celeste Bilkerdyke said, “I think people stopped using proper grammar because they are lazy.”

She said she has been called uppity for speaking properly online, but said, “I don’t think our generation is dumb at all. There may be a select few that fall into that category but not the entire generation. I feel like lazy is a better way to describe it.”

Though Bilkerdyke does not think our generation is stupid, she believes that people should hold themselves to higher standards when it comes to online writing.

She said, “I highly prefer to write in proper English, besides the occasional shortening of words. I feel that we were taught to write a certain way all throughout our education and to not use proper words or English is basically to act like we weren’t educated.”

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