Who’s to Blame for Stupidity

By Bryan Shaw

It is very common for older age groups to deem this generation as stupid and self-entitled.   Some of the top arguments are the younger generation is babied throughout their childhood and as a result feels as if everything should be handed to them.  It is believed that this generation is so focused on the internet and technology that they lack the tools and skills that older generations were built off of. 

Sophomore Jake Kauffman strongly disagreed with those opinions.  “I feel like every younger generation is criticized for whatever they do,” says Kauffman.  “My parents used to tell me stories about how they were criticized for being too rebellious and into the wrong things and I think that their generation ended up doing pretty well for themselves.”

Although he had a strong opinion against the argument, Kauffman gave up some input on why people might accuse today’s generation of being stupid.  “We depend a little too much on communicating through technology and I feel like that causes a lot of kids our age to lack the social skills that our parents grew up with,” he said.

I asked him what advice he would give to his generation to help minimize the criticism of self-entitlement.  “I think that parents need to stop babying their kids and convincing them that they’re the best even if they don’t accomplish anything,” Kauffman said.  He thought for a second and then went into further detail.  “Growing up in school they gave us participation awards and convinced us that we were all equal if we put in the same amount of effort and that’s just not how the real world works.”

There will always be criticism about the newest generations as time continues to change, but to Kauffman there is hope.  “I think that eventually all of us will grow into our own and we can prove everyone wrong.”

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