Who’s Really To Blame For The Lessening Intellect?

Last thursday a UT Professor spoke about the millennial generation and how it appears to be crippled in the intellectual department.  The main reason being an increased sense of narcissism within this younger generation.  This phenomena has thus resulted in a continuously dumbed down overall educational experience.

When I explained this notion to UT freshman Nick Schmidt, he seemed to agree somewhat but also presented his own analysis on the subject.  Schmidt stated, “our generation has definitely become more passive in a sense, rising technology has become so steadfast that it’s literally killing all of the free time for some students.”  Schmidt also said he’s guilty of this sometimes himself whereas he’ll spend time on social media sites or surfing the internet rather than completing work that should be done first.

However, Schmidt then stated that it really depends heavily on the individual.  “Some students may be a little narcissistic and slack off here and then while others adhere to blatant narcissism which completely engulfs their time and leaves none for educational and scholarly pursuits.”

I then asked Schmidt if he believes that the individual is to blame then.  He responded with “partially.”  Said there are a variety of factors from childhood to adolescence to young adulthood which influence how narcissistic a person may become.  These factors include that of upbringing, parental influence, social and peer influence, as well as educational influence.  These elements combined have the power to determine the readiness of a student and their ability to achieve later in life.

So with that I then asked Nick Schmidt if he believed that our generation, the millennial, was in fact the dumbest generation.  Schmidt said that to answer that would be to make a large assumption and he preferred more comfortable in saying, “hey, there will always be dumb people in every generation,  it’s just crucial to keep the ratio of dumb to smart at a safe marking.”

By Robert A. Serio

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