Where to point the finger on Narcissism

The Term “dumbest generation” was used to express the current generation at a narcissism presentation held at The University of Tampa. Branden Negron a junior at The University of Tampa agreed with the term claiming ” it has been made acceptable to be lazy, due to technology, parents, and teachers”.

Laziness correlated with the term “dumbest generation” in a sense that people lean on other people or on other technological devices for information, which causes them to be able to think and expand their own learning abilities and techniques.

When asked does the current generation want recognition but lack achievements he agreed stating ” my age group (20 year old’s) have learned through school, extracurricular activities, and possibly at home that if all we do is participate in something than we deserve a trophy or a sticker or at least someone telling us we did a great job”.

Branden provides an interesting point, whether the recognition that people have recieved in school, activities, and at home has gone to far. One could possibly suggest that these areas where today’s generation spend most of their time have possibly programmed them into believing that they need to be recognized just because they participated.

There is no doubt that today’s generation and previous generations are different. To claim that this generation is the “dumbest generation” compared to previous generations some may argue is false due to the fact that these generations are very unlike one another.

Who do we point the finer at for the narcissistic generation? The blame cant be pointed at a specific person or issue. In regards to today’s generation there are many factors that could have led to the accusation of today’s generation being the “dumbest generation” and the study on narcissism. Perhaps if someone wanted to look into further detail on this issue one may want to look at such issue areas like school systems, parents, federal policies, and cultural norms from the present and the past.

By: Rachel Baranowski

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