The Dumbness Continues

Mark Bauerlein labeled today’s youth as “the dumbest generation”, even going so far as to talk about his own granddaughter. Bauerlein believes that technology, bad parenting, and lack real communication vs bad media social habits are to blame.

This generation spends a great deal of time on their smart phone talking to each other. Even more surprisingly these students can be in the same room; and rather than look each other in the eye to communicate they text or Facebook one another.

Brandon Caples a fellow student at The University of Tampa said, “I actually think we are a smart generation, there is technology all around created not only for us, but by us as will.” Caples couldn’t think of any examples of inventions by “the dumbest generation”, but was sure that there were some.

There is no doubt that today’s generation is very different from the previous generations. Parents often coddle this generation making it hard for them to learn the lesson of the generation before them. It seems as if people no longer believe in hard work or tough love. This goes as far as teacher’s feeling that they need to dumb down the lesson plans and not grade papers in red ink as to not hurt anyone’s feelings.

“No, we aren’t dumb but spoiled not just from our parents; but also technology advancements.  Is it a bad thing…yes, but it’s up to everyone to make changes within themselves,” said student Marisa Lewis

Who is to blame for the failure of today’s at narcissistic generation? The blame can’t be pointed at a specific person or issue. There are simply just to many factors that could led to today’s generational problems. Perhaps everyone should admit their role in helping build “the dumbest generation” ever.

By: Amina Jackson


About Life is a Beautiful Struggle!!

I am person of amazing character. I recognize that life is about growth and am only interested in who I need to associate with in order to accomplish my goals. I strive to do my best and surround myself with positive like minded people. I live to express myself through various literary/visual art forms. Get to know me I’m pretty awesome. "I CREATE THAT WHICH I THINK AND I POSSESS THAT WHICH I SPEAK..."--Mr. Andrews
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