“The Dumbest Generation” Who is to blame?

Author Mark Bauerlin deemed the millennial generation the “Dumbest Generation” in his book. He believes that growing up in the technology age has dumbed down the generation. According to Bauerlin, in addition to fast information, the celebrity culture has created a generation of self-absorbed narcissists.

“Dumb, no. Entitled, definitely.” says Rachel Forks, an accounting major here at UT and a part of the generation. This was her initial response when asked if she agreed with the authors opinion. Forks says she believes what Bauerlin says is true, but that her generation is not to blame.

Forks explained that there are a lot of smart people who are our age. “Like I know a lot of people who could be 4.0 students, but they just don’t apply themselves.” She continues, “I think for our parents it was harder to slack off and we do it in everything.”

In addition to the lack of hard work Forks expressed her thoughts on the loss of respect. “We don’t have a lot of respect for older people today. Most of the time we just expect things for nothing, and when we don’t get what we want we act like it’s the end of the world.” Forks continues, “Sometimes I can’t believe the things that kids say to their parents, it’s horrible.”

When it comes to pointing the finger at someone Forks had no hesitation. “I do think that most of us can’t help it.” says the accounting major. “When we are taught a certain way and no one stops us, this is what happens.” She continues “So really it is the older generation who made us the way we are. So they shouldn’t blame us.”

By Daina Stanley

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