The Dumbest Generation Does its Best to Stay Number One

By Donovan Swift

Today’s young people have been labeled “the dumbest generation” by Mark Bauerlein, who says that technology has seriously hindered reading habits and general knowledge. Bauerlein says to have experienced this in his teaching career at Emory College. A UT communications major, who chose to remain nameless, says “I think that’s kind of extreme. I’m sure there were plenty of dumb people in the past,” when asked her opinion on the subject.

Bauerlein says that students are just as ambitious as ever, but much of the problem lies within the social habits of young people. He says that going to museums and reading are no longer frequent hobbies for many young people, which have always been strong sources of information in the past. When asked if she had ever been to the Tampa Museum of Art, walking distance from campus, the communications major said, “No, but it’s a really cool building.”

Technology is more prevalent than ever and has replaced the activity of reading for many students, according to Bauerlein. The internet has become the main tool for students and many no longer see a need for books, when asked about this the student said “I don’t see why we even have them anymore. I’ve got everything I need right here,” she said referring to the laptop in front of her. “We should use the library for more parking or something, I mean does anyone even go in there?”

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