Not the Dumbest Generation, but Possibly the Laziest.

“The Dumbest Generation” is a phrase coined by author Mark Bauerlin in the book reference about how the digital age stupefies young Americans, which jeopardizes everyone’s future. A guest speaker at UT explained how when he was teaching at a college, he had to dumb down to the level his students were at because most of them were not prepared for the discussion. As sophomore Robinson Law said, “It’s not fair that the students who actually do the work have to go at a slower pace learning what they did before during the classroom time which is meant to learn new material.”

It is definitely not the dumbest generation, but Law said along with a few of his friends that it was the laziness factor. “People are lazy, plain and simple.” Instead of getting up and doing something productive with their time, they are sleeping away the day. When questioned about 20-somethings being the dumbest generation, Law’s response was, “Of course not, twenty is that age when you’re figuring out who you are, finally starting life, you have to be motivated.”

As he reflected on his own life and contemplated for a moment, “Twenty is the prime year for making something of yourself; although you make think you’re old, you’re not.” He sees himself as a kid in some sort, he has summer breaks where he does not do much but enjoy life. “I’m in college and I don’t have a plan after these next few years, but I have a direction of what I want to happen,” said Law. “By having goals, a sense of direction, and applying myself along with the majority of college students, I would say we are nowhere near the category of the dumbest generation.”

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