Narcissism’s Role in Education

Narcissism is a leading factor in the decreased level of education and poor quality of new graduates in the professional world says a Professor at UT. His lecture Tuesday night included how narcissism related to the dumbing down of the new generation.

“He’s just making a straw man,” says UT student Malcolm. “He thinks it’s a problem, but it’s just a symptom of a much larger problem.” This generation has been put through institutions that instill in us a sense of passivity. Malcolm believes the students are not encouraged to questions things.

Students are in continuous comparison with one another, which creates immense competition. Therefore, the education process has become more individualized. Malcolm sees narcissism as a natural byproduct of this individualization of education.

The grading scales have been inflated by reverberations of narcissism says Professor X. This increases the feeling of superiority of the students, but what is the value of grading every step of a students learning? Malcolm argues that the grades themselves are insignificant. He argues that instead of having fierce competition at every level of education, students should be more free to learn from one another and from teachers without frivolous and superficial marks of progress that are in place now.


The newest generation may be dumber because their focus is on achieving good grades in an array of subjects. Their attentions are not on one skill set as seen in previous generations. The achievement becomes more superficial because they are expected to be great in all areas of study to obtain a good GPA. Only with a good GPA can someone get a good job. This system does not guarantee a person’s qualifications are the same as their GPA.

“Undergraduate school is all about mastering the system,” says Malcolm. Narcissism could be a factor of poor performance of graduates in the professional field, but is more likely a product of society and the education system. It could be one of the many repercussions of a much deeper issue of society. 

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