Narcissism On The Rise

What is it that separates us from past generations that conforms the younger to the idea that we are the dumbest generation? “Technology plays a tremendous role in our generation compared to past generations” said Taylor Storey.

During a seminar on Narcissism, a guest speaker continued about our generation is full of narcissistic tendencies from people, to the point where they have had to “dumb down the curriculum” said guest speaker. Narcissism is a growing problem within the U.S. today and is growing as more generations come into the picture. Kids these days are obsessed with their Facebook or Twitter. How many likes can this picture receive or how many people can follow me on twitter?

Technology has advanced in our society rapidly than the past and even though it helps the society out as a whole but individually our generation tends to rely more on Google to know the answers rather than having it as an instinct. “Yes I do believe that we have become the dumbest generation because we rarely know information that is actually taught to us these days. We rely on getting the information off the internet and then moving on as if we know the information now, when really the information isn’t even stored in our mental capacities” said Storey.

Not only is technology an issue with our generation but also our study habits aren’t the same as past generations. Previous generations from which I have associated with said they have always studied for long periods of time for a huge upcoming exam or essay to prepare. These days “kids don’t even really study and if they do, it’s the night before or the day of, and basically at that point it becomes a cram session, not an actual study session. We won’t even remember the information after the exam” said Storey.

With narcissism on the rise and continuing on the rise, hopefully the next generations to come won’t conform to this idea of narcissism. Technology will always be a role in our society now and it will only advance more and more. With technology advancing, the reality of the upcoming generations will most likely be more narcissistic than ours right now.

By Nicole Rinberger

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