Narcissism and Technology making generations stupid

Narcissism is starting to take control of the younger generation and is leading to the dumbing down of college level classroom, according to a Professor at the University of Tampa. In a seminar given last week the Professor explained how the current use of social media, cell phones and lack of reading is all contributing to high narcissism rates among college students.

Students are not motivated to do the work, and once they do not complete the work they look for others to blame. How has this self centered lifestyle started. “People now can just hangout with others through their cell phones,” say Alfonso Carfagno, a phycology student, at the University of Tampa.

Who hasn’t seen someone walk from dorm room to class looking down at their phone for the majority of time? Either talking to friends who are not near, or looking at the latest pictures and statuses uploaded by piers. “ You didn’t do it unless you put your proof up on Facebook,” says Carfagno. Unfortunately stories are just being told through the Internet and the social media sites.

Its convenient and it happens instantly, stories that you used hear the next week after it happened you now know as soon as its posted online. Updates from the phones keep kids in the know. This is exactly where the dumb comes from, nobody needs to know anything since we can just type the question in our phones and out comes the answer.

If you are taking a test where you are able to use your computer and the Internet, chances are you won’t study, because there is no need. The answers to billions of questions are at your fingertips, with no previous knowledge required. All you need to know is how to read and write, or in today’s terms copy and paste.

Maybe technology is making more people stupid but the ones who are making the technology must still get credit for being absolutely genius.

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