Is Our Generation Stupid? Not All Students Think So

“Dumb, narcissistic, spoiled.” If one were to ask any given person how they would describe our current generation, chances are at least one of these words would come up. Indeed, many professors at The University Of Tampa agree with this sentiment, including one who gave a presentation on the subject last Thursday. But is this description unfair? Has our generation been counted out too quickly? Sophomore Colleen Morris thinks so.

“While I definitely believe that our generation is narcissistic to an extent,” says the Biology major, “I think it’s unfair to say that it’s a defining characteristic.” Our generation is certainly looked down upon to a greater degree with each passing day. Whether it’s in presentations at this very university or on television late-night talk shows, the idea that our generation is ”dumb” is only perpetuated by the media.

“I don’t think people know what we’re capable of,” Morris continues, “it’s not fair to say that we’re ‘dumb’ when we’ve barely been given the chance to prove ourselves.”

When asked about the kinds of idiocy that can be found if one peruses the Internet for even minutes, she had this to say: “I don’t think those people are very representative of us,” she laughs, “we’re not all taking ‘selfies’ and misspelling words, although it is embarrassing, and the Internet does feed our narcissism.”

“We’re going to do great things, people just have to be patient,” finishes Morris. Is it possible that we have more to offer than a few self-taken photos on Instagram or an inability to spell simple words? Some students appear to think so. Perhaps if we recognize our potential and get off of Facebook, we will be more likely to attempt to fulfill that potential. But we can only hope.


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