Is our Generation Stupid? Freshman Jared Eckert Gives his Opinion

The leading trait or characteristic of many individuals of the most recent generation, known as the millennial generation, is narcissism.  Narcissism has taken over our generation and is clearly shown in recent statistics portrayed by a Professor as the University of Tampa.  His statistics show that a majority of students have narcissistic traits in their personality which leads to a “dumbing down” of courses by teachers in order for the students to have any success.

Current freshman and Business major at the University of Tampa, Jared Eckert, had a few comments regarding the viewpoint and statistics gathered by the Professor.  Jared said, “No, we are lazier.  We might be smarter but we are lazier.”  Many people may disagree with Jared’s viewpoint on the matter but he feels very confident in his answer.  When asked if he thought people of our age are “dumb” he said, “Some people are.  People in my class ask questions about something the teacher just explained because they were on their phone and not paying attention.”  So does this mean technology has taken over and led our generation on this ugly path?  This could very well be true, but who says generations of the past wouldn’t be in our position if they had the technology we have today.

There is no way to divert around the fact that our generation is lazy.  Kids now a days would rather sit on Xbox and play Xbox Live with their friends rather than see them in person and play outside.  Jared had a strong comment to back this statement up, he said, “Kids don’t even go outside anymore, we have to start organizations like “Play 60” to get kids outside.  All they do now is sit inside and play videogames.”

Jared notices the trend of laziness that has become a problem with the millennial generation but he still feels as though this generation as a whole truly isn’t as “dumb” as people make us seem.  He understands that technology is the main reason our generation is the way we are and that kids truly should pay more attention towards their schoolwork rather than their phones, and they should get outside more instead of sitting inside on video games.  He even said, “As a kid I was always outside.  There literally wasn’t a day that passed by where I wasn’t outside playing with my friends.”

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