Dumbest Generation

“20 year olds are very narcissistic” said UT Senior Chelsea Lobue. “They are self absorbed and way too caught up with their own day to day lives that they don’t realize that there are other greater and more important things in the world.” This is referring to Mark Buaerlin referencing that 20 somethings are the dumbest generation. Lobue agreed with him and said that they are very “individualistic and self centered”.  She also compared todays narcissism with what was occurring in the 1970’s.

The United States used to be a very community oriented country she told me. People used to care about one another and think about what was in the best interest for society. However, people started to look inwardly, looking away from the community and more on themselves when crisis hit in the 1970’s.  “This was really the first case of Narcissism and it is something that has pretty much continued to this very day”.

You can compare the 70’s to today fairly easily due to shift from being community oriented into being narcissistic. The 70’s was full of crisis, ranging from the economic troubles to watergate. in this decade, we went from 9-11 and the war on terrorism to the North Korea situation that we have today. Lobue said that these situations ” just give people more of a reason to be narcissistic”.

By: Adam Weiner

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