Dumbest Generation

A common belief by the older generations is that people in their 20s aren’t as intelligent as the older generations. A book has even been written; Are 20-somethings really “The Dumbest Generation” by author Mark Bauerlin. People have formed some interesting opinions about this topic.

Lorissa Castro, student at University of Tampa, has many different ideas as to why people think this way. “I don’t think we’re the stupidest. I think generations have changed a lot over time. Different eras cause a lot of different measures.”

She believes that the advances in technology have allowed people “cheat the system.”

She says, “My era is different than my older sisters. It’s easier for us to cheat.” With technology so readily at people’s disposal you can look up any answer to any question you want using the Internet. People are able to buy a paper online instead of typing their own.

Instead of reading a book cover to cover, someone can go online and look at a complete summary. However, by using these methods, the newer generations are lacking in getting all the knowledge they can obtain.

Castro also goes on to talk about the impact teachers have on this generation. “There are a lot of ways to get degrees now and teachers aren’t full knowledgeable about what they’re teaching.”

She says, “The teachers also dumb things down for us.” This causes the newer generations to not reach their full potential because the teachers don’t have faith they can handle it or are lazy and don’t wish to teach a subject fully.

Castro says, “I’m getting a degree in psychology and I don’t think I have the tools to counsel someone or save someone’s life.”

She also believes the society stresses who you know much more than the credentials you possess. If she goes up for a job against someone who has more qualifications, but she knows the boss personally, she is much more likely to receive the job.

She says, “It’s not because we’re stupid. It’s societies fault that we’re not as knowledgeable as we could be.”

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