Being Called the Dumbest Generation

Mark Bauerlin mentioned in his book which was noted in a seminar held last week at UT that in this generation, 20-somethings are the “Dumbest Generation.” The term Dumb caught many attention to the people who have come across his book. Technology and advancement has improved throughout a generation and the thought of young minds beginning to be dumb has arise in many situations. “What you’re basically asking me is if we’re dumb.” replied Christian Reice who is a current student in UT when he was asked the question if the generation in the 20’s are the dumbest people.

People in the past have used memorization of information to be the basic skill to have and Christian stated, “We don’t need to memorize a ton of information like the past generation because we have access to information on the Internet.” With technology growing, gaining information has been easier to get when a search engine is one click away on the internet. Books seems to be the last option in the list for anyone when it comes to finding information.

“It’s not that we are dumb but we don’t have to go beyond to find our information when you can easily find it within minutes on the net.” Christian mentioned. He felt that it was quite insulting knowing that the past generation is downgrading and demeaning the current generation for being highly savvy with gaining information. Each generation have their ways on doing things. Christian was not really surprised when he was asked of that question. He had experienced doing the same thing while studying in UT. Bauerlin made his point in his book but the generation of today have been very debatable to object against his words. “I mean where we get our information is easier but we’re not dumb.” Christian replied to end his statement.

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