Are You Apart of the “Dumbest Generation”?

Mark Bauerlein claims that the millennial generation is officially the “dumbest generation” we have seen thus far. His latest book, “The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future“,  claims that youngsters growing up in the 2000s have become encompassed with technology that has disconnected them from reality.

Who is to blame for this declining intelligence? Bauerlein asserts that the digital age has created a dependence on technology evoking laziness and a sense of entitlement. Bauerlein believes this sense of entitlement has led to increased rates of narcissism in which kids have become egotistic, over-confident, and selfish, all traits that back his alternate title for his book “Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30”.

Joseph Williams, a sophomore at University of Tampa, had conflicting thoughts when hearing of Bauerlin’s accusations: “I don’t even know what to say. If I agree with him then I am basically saying I am dumb… but I really do agree with him. There are definitely a lot of exceptions out there, but technology is really just getting out of control and making life way too easy for our generation. Having to use your brain to figure things out never hurt anyone.”

A UT professor expressed his opinions during a presentation on narcissism last week. He eluded to the fact that his grandchildren fall into this “dumbest generation”, for which he didn’t seem too shocked. After getting into the topic of education, he mentioned that teachers today have “dumbed down” their curriculum due to the students’ incompetencies.

After hearing what the speaker claimed about “dumbing down” classes, Williams was appalled. “Maybe if teachers didn’t dumb down the work they give us then kids would realize that they need to try harder. Handing out A’s doesn’t do anyone any good. If this really is the case then teachers are just as much to blame for our “dumbness” than the kids themselves.

Bauerlin’s claims have stirred heated debates nationwide, and UT is certainly no exception. If the millennial generation truly is the “dumbest generation”, who is to blame for this image? The kids themselves? Parents? Teachers? Technology? There are clearly many factors that could have produced such dumb, narcissistic, egotistical youth. Only time will tell how the real world will welcome this “wave of stupidity.”




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