Narcissism Isn’t What We Think It Is

Narcissism exists in today’s youth. However, narcissism is something that each society can’t completely wipe out. If it weren’t for some small amounts of narcissism, the geniuses that have changed our world for the better wouldn’t have been able to do so.

“The common belief that narcissism is a bad thing is highly exaggerated,” Mike Leonard, a UT student said. People have been called narcissists for by other narcissists so it diminishes the point. Everyone is a narcissist to an extent it’s just how it’s presented. The problem is if it is advertised or not. If so, there is where the problem is.

Parents do give their children a false sense of entitlement and take it out on the teachers. That is a result of parents who are ill informed about what is going on in the classrooms. “A third grader can’t be trusted the same way a journalist on television is,” Leonard said.

Parents listen to their child about what a teacher supposedly said or did and they don’t do any kind of investigating into the matter. They immediately accuse the teacher of wrongdoing without enough evidence.

Regarding ethics, it’s an important issue but is not as important as it was in previous generations. Today, ethics isn’t taken into consideration when college students or high school students get into fights or do something illegal.

However, that should be expected at their age. “There is a different form of ethics, the kind that’s like bros before hoes and if you break that rule I guess it would be unethical,” Leonard said. Ethics changes as maturity starts to kick in.

Regarding ethics and narcissism in class, students might not meet up to a teacher’s standards for that particular day because of stuff that’s none of their business i.e. hangovers, family problems. These things play a part in class before class even begins so it’s not necessarily the student’s fault if he/she didn’t do the reading or assignment. However, that’s not always the case, it just shouldn’t be assumed that the student doesn’t care.

As told by Alex Medvedev


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